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Tuning the Kit - John Bonham style

Was: $14.97
Now: $10.97

What you will need for this to work out right



*Coated (2-ply) for the batter - Remo Emperor or equivalent

*Stock (1-ply) reso head Or, a smooth white or black equivalent

*Two felt strips (the more expensive ones if you can)

*REMO Falam Patch double or single


*Coated (2-ply) for the batter - Remo Emperor or equivalent

*Stock reso head Or, any (snare side) Ambassador style equivalent

*42-Strand snare wires



*Coated (2-ply) for the batter - Remo Vintage Emperor

*Coated (1-ply) reso head - Remo Ambassador

*A digital Tuner or musical Keyboard



Video Format


*16x9 Widescreen 1280x720

*Progressive Scan


*16 bit, 48kHz. (recorded on 8-tracks using 24 bit/48kHz)



Windows or Mac compatible



Video Details

BASS DRUM: 21 min. 56 sec. 372.87 MB

SNARE DRUM: 22 min. 55 sec. 389.55 MB

TOMS: 30 min. 29 sec. 515.11 MB






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